October 2023 Child and Family Report

By Valerie Hutton, Child and Family Convenor

In September’s newsletter I described the Foundry program in BC. The issues that Foundry supports are broad and comprehensive and are all pressing issues for most people, let alone youth. Here is an outline of these issues that are supported.

Mental health supports – Our mental health is an important part of our overall health and it can change from day to day. We must look after our mental health just like we do with our physical health. Here youth will find information, self-checks, tips, apps and tools, resources and stories from other young people to help them.

Substance use – Everyone has their own relationship with substance use and has their reasons for using them. People have used substances for thousands of years. Substance use can be part of a healthy, rewarding life; however, using any substances also comes with risks and things to consider. This area of support has information about alcohol, cannabis, opioids, tobacco, nicotine products and other substances. It can help youth understand how to manage use, learn how to reduce possible harms, and empower them to make decisions that are right for them. 

Tough topics – Life has its ups and downs, but sometimes we can experience really difficult things. Foundry addresses and supports the topics below by giving information, tips, apps and tools and where youth can get support when dealing with these tough times. These include:

  • loss and grief;
  • bullying;
  • self-injury;
  • suicide; and
  • violence and abuse.

Life, school and work -There are some skills in life that everyone needs. Managing money, finding housing and work are just a few of these things. Youth can learn more about these life skills at Foundry:

  • active living;
  • housing;
  • eating and nutrition;
  • mindfulness;
  • managing money;
  • on-line safety;
  • relationships;
  • school;
  • sexual wellness, and
  • work.

Why are youth supports like those provided by Foundry Important? 

Supporting youth with issues such as loss and grief, bullying, suicide, substance use, violence, and abuse is crucial for the well-being and future of our community. By addressing these challenges, we create a nurturing environment that promotes resilience, mental health, and positive development. When we provide support to young individuals facing loss and grief, we help them navigate through difficult emotions and build coping mechanisms that can benefit them throughout their lives. By tackling issues like bullying, suicide, substance use, violence, and abuse, we foster a safe and inclusive community where young people can thrive. Empowering our youth with resources, counseling, and guidance ensures that they have the necessary tools to overcome adversity, contribute meaningfully to society, and shape a brighter future for themselves and our entire community.

How Can you Help Support the Important work that Foundry Does? 

There are a lot of ways you can help Foundry support the health and well-being of BC’s young people. 

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