Next Meeting of the Vancouver Council of Women:

Unitarian Centre, 49th Avenue and Oak Street

Monday, September 9, 2024 by Zoom   

11:30 am lunch

12:15 pm Meeting

Speaker: No guest speaker

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Vancouver Council of Women is a local organization of the National Council of Women of Canada and accepts the Mission Vision and Values statements of the NCWC.


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Reports on arts, child and family, citizenship and immigration, civic affairs, ecology, education, health, seniors, housing and safety in Vancouver

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  2022-01 Canadian Environmental Protection Act

  2022-02 Chemical Pollution In The Great Lakes

  2022-03 Increasing Safety Of Railways

  2022-04 Non-disclosure Agreements / non-disparagement Agreements (Ndas)

  2022-05 Party Switching In Parliament

  2022-06 Illegal Drug Use Harm Reduction

  2022-07 Security For All Members Of The Canadian Armed Forces And Law Enforcement Bodies

  2022-08 Dealing With The Long-term Effects Of COVID-19

  2022-09 Coal Mining Effluent

  2022-10 Domestic /intimate Partner Violence (D/IPV) Covid-19 Implications